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Amy, eyes twinkling slightly, had grabbed my hand and slowly put it inside her thong, and I felt what had helped me find her to begin with. I lightly ...troked it and, upon hearing her moan softly, felt both of us get hard. I wrapped my hand around it and pulled it forward, touching it softly, as though it were a clitoris. She moaned some more and leaned against my chest."You are so amazing," She breathed against me. I stiffened even more at that and began rubbing her a bit more quickly. Amy let. Inside my own house, I wondered if they were lesbians, or perhaps bisexual, as I had seen them going out the night before. It was about midnight when I quietly returned to the fence. Jackie was still spread-eagled on the bed, but now Michelle had removed her corset. My eyes were better adjusted to the dim lighting, and I could see Jackie's large, dark, nipples contrasting with her fair skin. Michelle's nipples seemed darker and fuller too. Michelle was using a small dildo on Jackie's pussy, and. But when we got there, Kaia and Leanne parked themselves at a tall bistro table with stools and nursed additional drinks while Jamie wrapped an arm behind my back and guided me forwards, where her hips were already swaying to the beat.I glanced back at Kaia for a moment, but she just smiled at me, her eyes glittering in the club lights and neon colors.Calming my nerves for the hundredth time tonight, I set me body to the rhythm. I knew I wasn't the best dancer, but I was coordinated to the beat. While I was working on him, the two women woke up and I apologized that I wasn't able to check on them, but the boy needed help first. They gave me a dirty look and pushed me out of the way to tend to him. I sat and listened to them, and realized that one of the women was his older sister and that they had been traveling on the San Cristobel to Cartagena when she was captured.While the women worked on Carlos, I picked up the dead captain and carried him upstairs and stripped him. Tossing his.

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