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“FUCK!!!”PJ bit his lower lip hard, trying not to cum immediately: it wasn’t the same old hungry butt he was used to dealing with. His cock firs... felt her wet pussy muscles. It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, her pussy was tight, so he had to “force” himself through the narrow space: the more he was pushing inside, the more his cock got covered in warm, wet juices.Best feeling ever!But suddenly, PJ realized one important thing... “Baby, we shouldn’t do this… I can’t have sex without. My parents wouldn't be here until Saturday. That left me two days to prepare, for their arrival, and the impending confrontation. The women seemed to be taking it in stride. The cleaned and decorated. They primped and cooked. The both prepared as if the were trying to impress their future in-laws. Which in a way, I guess they were.That night we talked some more and went to bed.Rachel whispered "Wouldn't it be nice if we knew we were pregnant and you could tell your parents that Caroline and I. You see, your mom and I, have always been a vibrant couple because of "reasons" that I'll tell you in a bit. And those "reasons" aren't good enough anymore."I had questions running through my mind instantly. I needed to know these "reasons" and why they weren't good enough."What are the "reasons?"Dad sighed for the third time, but this time he did it nervously."The "reasons" are sex. Actually, to be more accurate, the reasons are because your Mom and I try new things to do in sex. But lately I. I was trying to be supportive, but I was feeling a little neglected and quite horny, and, with Steve here, bedroom antics seemed less likely for the immediate foreseeable future. I pouted and sulked, feeling pleasantly selfish.I went to the airing cupboard and picked up a large, clean, white, fluffy towel. I picked up a couple of guest towels too, for Steve, and took them into the spare room. The window was still open and I closed it, turning up the thermostat on the radiator to take the chill.

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