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That soothed the bitch. The doorbell rang. I let my guests in and returned to my bound bitch, massaging his ass and cock. He was captivated as he saw ...y girlfriend walk into the living room, sporting short shorts that framed her big ass perfectly. Her flat stomach and small waist made her thick legs seem almost out of proportion. She ignored his greeting and asked where she could change. I punched him in the balls when I saw that he leered at her until she was out of sight. "She's as hot as you. As I watched her lie there with one hand on her right breast and the other between her legs, I figured maybe she'd had a quiet little orgasm or perhaps she was just too tired to come. When she grabbed a pillow I thought she was planning to go to sleep. She rolled over. I was looking down on her rippling back and cute, round butt. I continued to slowly stroke my cock, knowing I was going to have to shoot this load before going to bed. Suddenly I realized that her butt was rocking. She was still. She reached for my hand and helped me sit up, and then she raised herself off the floor, pulling me with her. I rested my hands on the back of my hips and closed my eyes, slowly rotating my head in wide circles."God, that felt good," I sighed.When I opened my eyes, Gayle was placing her hands at the bottom of her t-shirt and, in a very deliberate motion, pulled it up her body and over her head.That's when I suddenly became conscious my own nudity.My heart started pounding in my chest, as her. The four girls lay easily around in the pool for a few minutes before Angela suggested opening another bottle of wine and this was met with universal approval. There was much laughing and giggling as they had towelled each other down and sat on the four loungers that had been put out, drying off properly in the heat of the sun.There was a companionable silence as the girls finished off the wine and then Angela said,“The thing is…” She had obviously been thinking about this. “The thing.

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