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Resurrection MaryBy Kim EMCopyright (c) 2000All rights reservedI was sober. Really, I swear it. I'd had a few drinks earlier in the evening, but that a few hours ago, and I was past their effects. If I had been drunk, or even slightly tipsy, the whole thing might have made more sense to me.I was heading home from an office Halloween party down in the loop, and was traveling down Archer Avenue, heading southwest past the Frito plant. The plant was, well, pretty noticeable. The whole area. She moaned so fucking loudly and thrashed all over! The more she came the deeper the fingers went in her ass. When she had finished cuming the girl told the males to fuck the shit out of her.. They untied and then lifted her spent body up. She was soaked in sweat and juices. She was flipped to her knees on the bed. Her thighs shook. One male got under her and the other positioned himself behind. She was still having little convulsions from her orgasm. Her pussy and inner thighs were. One of the two remaining nurses rushed from the room while the other frantically began re-starting Erika’s I.V.s and replacing her oxygen cannula. Her parents and I watched as the blue cast to her lips returned to pink. Marie von Sturm looked first from Erika’s face to my face and then back again to her daughter. It was as if a light went on in her eyes. Just then the doctor, who had just left moments ago, rushed back into the room. Taking his stethoscope he listened to Erika’s heart and began. While living with June I'd kept it deep in the back of one of the cabinets. The top most shelf, way in the back as I said.While I was in college my roommate got tired of my constantly scribbling the same thing over and over. I don't know why it upset him and of course I never told him what the repetitive doodle he found on everything represented.Although he did one time say, "Is that when you lost your virginity?" I'd just stared deadpan at him and didn't answer. He didn't mention that again.So.

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