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Sometimes when I was excited I let my alligator mouth override my hummingbird brain.After the post game meeting and a quick shower, I was in street cl...thes headed for my truck. When I got to it Caroline, Amanda and Jane were standing there waiting for me. All three hugged me and congratulated me on my game. I offered to take everyone to Pizza Hut to celebrate. It took a little convincing but Jane agreed to go as well. Caroline hadn't been for a ride in my truck yet so she hopped in and we. But I felt different something I couldn’t put my finger on until later but something that lingered in my sub conscious. I had had a few girlfriends and some fumbling around after school discos etc. but I wasn’t driven to find a girlfriend if you catch my meaning. I had dabbled with porn and stuff but it never quite sat right with me and more often than not when finding a girl attractive and getting aroused at the thought it wasn’t how good looking she was but how she looked, dressed etc.Home. It felt so nice that Heidi was moaning and mouthing little words of encouragement to her beloved guardian to spread her cheeks and slide it deeper inside. Gunther pulled her cheeks open and let them surround his rampant cock. When Heidi raised her ass off the wool carpet, the old man pinned her to the floor with his full weight and his cock slid deeply inside her ass crack without entering her brown hole.Heidi gasped and whimpered and tried to roll her hips and hunch her tail up. All of this. She forceda latex hood onto my head drawing the pony tail from the wig through thetop and binding it in the back. She smeared my face all over her crotchto the point that I knew that my face was liberally covered in herjuices. I then was lowered onto a bench and my arms were bound to thefront legs to the elbow and then my forearm was bent parallel to theground. The bench had a slight slope to it which elevated my ass in theair. My legs were similarly bound to the legs of the bench, bent at.

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