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This left me puzzled about where I would sleep. I left that thought hanging and decided to take a shower. I dragged my suitcase into Nidhi’s room f...r the time being and went to take shower. As I got undressed, I saw Nidhi’s used underwear on the clothes hook. It was light pink with dark pink hearts printed on it. Out of curiosity, I sniffed it. It had a mild musty odor to it. My cock started hardening. I shook off the thought, kept the panty back and ducked under the shower. As the hot water. .pachat..plop…pachat..plop..plop…plop vore uthlo. Amar bichi ta jore jore pisir poder futo te dhakka khete khete maal ber hoye galo pisir guder moddhei.Ami voy peye bollam- pisi, maal tomar guder vetorei pore gache. Akhon ki hobe? Pisi ektu heshe bollo ? Dhur boka. Egula niye vable boro hobi kobe? Amar guder vetore age thekei medicine dhukiye rekhechilam. ami dhon ta berkorlam, or mukher kache nie bollam, Khao. Pisi kono kotha na bole dhon mukhe pure nilo …Aaaahhh ..she ki shukh …Oi norom norom. Sammi’s ass burned, but there was no pain. She felt his balls flush against her pussy lips and every few seconds, his cock would jump. Chuck, with great effort, scooted to the edge of the couch and lifted Sammi’s legs high in the air. He spread her thighs, revealing her bulging pussy to Tony. Tony, now naked, knelt before the couple and guided his cock straight into Sammi’s snug slit. It was a tight fit, with Chuck’s cock lodged deep in her ass, but he managed. Once he was fully seated in her. "So what shall we do to her now we've got her all tied up?" said Bobby who was looking at my chest again.My breast had started to grow that summer; they were still small but very sensitive. I didn't wear a bra yet just a small skimpy t-shirt under that silly dress that I was wearing."Lets just leave her to the wolves," suggested Colin.Even though I knew there were no wolves anymore the thought of being left tied and all alone frightened me"Yeah," agreed my brother."What waste such a good.

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