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I feel bad; I should leave some to Princess. Then Pumpkin tells me not to speak to Princess.After lunch, Pumpkin, Princess and I go for a long hike. P...incess carries everything. We love the warm sun at the trail. We can hear the water running along the river. At the end, we arrived to a waterfall. We lay down. Pumpkin is in her one-piece red sex swim suit and I am in my shorts. Princess is wear as same as before, addition of the thick black belt and the black collar.I was lying on my back and. I continued to run my hand up and down his long shaft, shivering with excitement as my own penis began to throb and rise in full erection. He quickly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers and underwear, pulling them down around his knees. His penis sprang straight out in its full glory as he grasp it in his right hand and rubbed his swollen purple glans against my lips, enticing me to suck him into my mouth. I had never seen a penis this thick and long in person. It must have been a full. Suddenly the main door opened and their stood her sexy maid madhumita , she was stunned to she us in this position and said that she will tell monika didi about it and others we begged not to do it to anybody we will give her money but she said she did not need money but ..,,,We stopped our fucking and wanted to dress but she stopped us and told us to continue , on the other hand she went and bolted the door and started undressing she stod their in her bra and panty rubbing her cunt with her. She was smiling real nice when she looked up at me. I noticed that her face looked pretty as a picture framed in her long blonde hair, and I don’t remember ever seeing her wear her hair down over her shoulders like that before. Her big brown eyes sure made a nice contrast to her silky white skin, and my, my, her boobs felt mighty fine pressed up against my chest like that. I didn’t know just looking at someone could end up in a kiss, but it sure enough did. It was a real nice little.

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