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When I was recognized, there were a dozen men coming out of the barn and from around back."You the judge?" That's right. Kelly is the name. This all o... you there are?" No, some of our families are still up in the hills, and over to the Holcomb Ranch there are another half dozen men. The women, we hope, are safe enough and are armed." Christ, is it that bad here." It was worse for awhile. Them bastards took us by surprise and we didn't get organized until Riley got here. We're ready to fight now. “That's perfect. Oh, my god, Neil! I'm going to explode!”The stairs creaked. Mr. Travers appeared. He glanced at me, nodding as I fucked his wife hard. He headed for the kitchen as his wife moaned and whimpered. Her pussy squeezed around my cock. The pressure swelled in my nuts.“I'm going to cum!” she howled as her husband vanished into the kitchen.“Cum on my dick!” I groaned, slamming into her. “Make me cum in your pussy.”“God, yes!” she moaned.Mr. Travers returned with a bottle of beer. I. I couldn't leave it alone and had to find out. It was the branchingout timelines falling away as the wall of darkness swallowed the point ofthe split.I was terrified because it was already this close. With panic, I ran inthe only direction I could: my own past. I ignore my mistakes and regretsalong the way and barreled all the way through till my thirteenthbirthday. There I willed myself in place. Overriding my younger self.It was strange having a young body again. Yet I barely noticed. I. I kissed back, inhaling her aroma and savoring the taste of her. Her mouth opened a bit and she kissed me harder. I slid my tongue into her mouth, half-expecting her to pull away. But she didn't.What she did do was return the gesture with her own tongue. We kissed and sucked each others tongues in a fury at her car. We broke the kiss, speechless. I looked at her with tears in my eyes again."I guess I'd better go. I don't want to go too're still married. I don't want to be a.

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