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He took my hand in his again, “Sure, Andie.”In spite of everything going on, I smiled because it was the first time he called me Andie in six mont...s. I flipped up the armrest between us and slid closer to him. He draped his arm across my shoulder and I nestled against his side with a contented sigh.“I miss this,” I said wistfully.“Not as much as I do,” he countered.I snuggled tighter against him. His closeness and the feelings he stirred in me made up my mind about Michael. My next conversation. " I replied, it was now impossible to hold it anymore so I blurted out. "I've got my first pussy."His mouth was agape, he watched me suspiciously. "You mean you really fucked some gal." Yeah." And when did that happen... ?" He still did not believe me."During the weekend..." O.K." Now he was sure that I was trying to fool him. "So who did you fuck? As far as I know you and your mom were hiking alone." You are right." I finally dropped the punch line. "I fucked my mom."His mouth was now open. Finding no snaps or zippers he just pulled the dress off her shoulder and down.Oh man look at the breasts on her, mmmm, so nice. He could not resist bending down and kissing each nipple, but she was out cold and they did not harden. He removed the dress and folded it on a chair. Then he removed the panty hose and as she had not worn panties he could see she was shaved. The pussy lips were small and tight and begged to be touched but he resisted with all his might. Dam that is a beautiful. Our finger fucking was so intense with passion as we deep stroking each other and moaning with pure pleasure and tasting each other sweetness.My lover began to kiss my body all over slowly going down to gently french kiss my pussy lips feeling her tongue licking and teasing my very hard clit.She open my pussy lips and see my juices coming from my pussy and she licks every drop of my sweet nectar.Slowly I feel her tongue sliding inside my juicy wet pussy its throbbing with so much great pleasure.

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