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My own parents had also left on vacation, but unfortunately they had opted for some sort of boring Wilderness-style vacation in Sweden somewhere with ...o TV, phone, Internet - or even electricity. So I had vehemently insisted that I be allowed to stay at home and assured them that I could take care of myself very well. Which was true - I was very mature for my age, both in looks and mentally, so my parents didn't take long to agree.My mom told me that if there was any problems whatsoever I was. You have some indications of having had heavy sex in the past - very heavy sex," she added with a frown. "Is there anything you need to tell me?" she asked, somewhat worried."No," Astrid replied, not wanting to discuss it, "I just like sex a lot." I would advise you to keep it to three or four times a week at most," the doctor advised her.Astrid was just flabbergasted by all of this. She had never had a baby and thought that she was sterile and never would have one. Now here she was at. Yet by afternoon they were all drinking again, albeit more slowly. Everything had been arranged. Caterers would come in the morning to set up tables and load them down with food and drinks. The wedding dress had been fitted, tried on, altered, and declared perfect. And all the other old stuff was done, too, so that the family had nothing better to do than sit around and drink.I kept watching my mother and I noticed how, after a couple of drinks, the real woman in her emerged. Yes, she was sexy!. Candy took hold of his waist band and pulled everything down to his ankles. Karl's cock sprung out only half hard yet still very impressive. The guy was huge.Candy's lips where all over Karl's cock, kissing him up and down his shaft. I watched as his cock harden, while fantasizing sharing his monster cock with my daughter. I couldn't stand by, just watching, so I began undressing myself. Shirt, shoes, socks and trousers where soon in a stack on the floor of the hotel room.I stood close, next to.

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