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Two days later Tina is on a mission she goes to her big bosses office Mr. Frick is marred and about 60yrs Tina has on a dress that pushes the dress co...e a little tight and fit in the right places no bra no panties she walks in and her good size tits wave at him she ask him for the time off and turns around to sit bending to pick up a paper letting him see her naked ass then around sitting he has a prefect view down her top at her tits the show does the trick and she gets the OK happy she hugs. She placed the wig on Suzie's head and brushed it out. Last, butnot least, Kelly pulled out some candy red apple lipstick. "This is myfavorite lipstick, I bought it from Target and it is 18 hour longlasting." "This stuff does not come off without some serious effort." Pucker up"!! Kelly applied the lipstick and Suzie thought it felt likeglue. Kelly finished by sealing the makeup with powder foundation.Suzie was feeling very sexy.Ok Suzie I have to get dressed, wait what is that? Suzie's. When he got inside his home he found his son’s girlfriend Kylie sitting on the sofa wearing only her bra and thongs, Kylie was hot, blonde hair biggish tits and she liked cock a lot. She asked Patrick if he got lucky and he went in a huge mood swing going mad. Patrick then said he would do anything for some pussy. With that Kylie spread her legs on the sofa, moved her thong to the side revealing her shaved pussy and said to Patrick name your price and its all yours. As his son was out Patrick. The ordering of the instruments of her torture had it all so depressingly real. What’s more, unless Swee screwed up royally, she could kiss goodbye to being deflowered in bed and look forward to being mounted on the table like a common whore before having her bottom scourged.Swee was nervous but thought she would be OK. Little chance she would overtake Sarah for the first fuck, but if she kept her wits about her, she could get laid in bed and avoid the cane. Her nerves came from the realisation.

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