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I sent a quick text indicating we would be right out and we headed downstairs. We got to the Hancock building and headed up to the 95th floor. Khrys ...hispered to me as we got out of the elevator and she first saw the restaurant that she really liked the looks of the place. I realized that my suspicion of every male in the room stealing a glance at Khrys was confirmed as we were being escorted to our table. We were seated and a waiter immediately appeared with water and rolls and took our. "Then I saw that they took me for the assassin. I recovered force and energy enough to free myself from the hands of those who held me, while I managed to stammer forth--'I did not do it! Indeed, indeed I did not!' A couple of gendarmes held the muzzles of their carbines against my breast.--'Stir but a step, ' said they, 'and you are a dead man.'--'Why should you threaten me with death, ' cried I, 'when I have already declared my innocence?'--'Tush, tush, ' cried the men; 'keep your innocent. She yelled, “Happy birthday, Arjun, my baby, my jaan, my cutie pie” and kissed me on my cheek. The last night, we had a fight over our Xbox. Rather my Xbox to be precise. So she didn’t wish me at 12. I could clearly see a sight of sorry in her eyes. She was still on top of me, seeing my eyes. I kissed her on her cheeks to relieve her from the guilt. She told sorry. I again kissed her, this time a bit hard and told Xbox is all yours and we both laughed.It was morning 10 and Neha just barged in. Dave was out at the time, and over coffee he explained, “Pedro has a group,” (we would call it a gang but let`s not split hairs), “there were nine men and two women, they had all seen the film, and all of them want desperately to use you Gaye.” She grinned, and he went on, “They have agreed to your limits, no cutting or needles, or lavatorial games, the usual stuff, but have asked for the two ladies to be allowed to do the warm up session, and the pussy whipping, saying that they understand.

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