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Probably because I had always had a slight crush on Jane. But nevertheless, I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say. He had proposed to Jane les... than two weeks ago. She was over the moon that he had, especially after two years of being together. I had known Jane for what seemed like an eternity. We went to high school together and she was always the most animated and bubbly girl around. But not now, now she seemed surprisingly nonchalant. Maybe she had already cried enough over the. She even saw Greta with her hand between her knees as she stuck her suggestive ass up high and pretended to hide her face in the wife’s heavily scented pillow. She knew that Greta must be satisfied getting it from her husband Ronald so many times in just two nights. Still, she knew it was just not enough because the mystery was gone from the relationship and the couple was utterly bored even in the middle of a luxury cruise.In a way, Betsy felt obligated to bring some spice into their lives by. My arm hurt like hell but there was little I could do.We stood guard as the house was searched for people. There were only two at this point. The garage was opened and everybody herded in. There was no electricity so we had no lights.Tiffany got the pickup truck and we dragged the gates out of view of the road so the portal would just look open. There was still no sirens and I wondered if our luck would hold out. It then occurred to me that the neighbours could not phone the police.Dina stood. "See that right there, that little bump. That's it and it's real sensitive. It's like the underneath of the head of your dicks."It really feels good being rubbed gently or licked, even sucked on real easy. If you rub it, get some spit or juices from the girl and make sure it's wet. It really is a hot button. Wanna rub it a bit?"I wet my finger in my mouth and touched it, then rubbed up and down."Mmm, feels nice, Greg. Try licking it."I lost no time getting right up there and licking up and down.

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