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Ye dekhkar shyad unko bhi pata chal gaya ki main ghur raha hu or unhone bola ki jaldi karo bhaiya, maine jyada der nahi pakad sakti scooty ko. Main ja...di unke side gaya or scooty pakadte waqt jaan bujh kar unko boobs ko apne hath se touch kar liya, aisa lage mano galti se hua ho.Scooty building ke andar rakhne ke baad unhone mujhe thank you bola, main smile deke room main aa gaya. Thode der baad bathroom jaake bhabhi ke boobs yaad karke muth mara, or unko chodne ki thani.Is ghatna ke ek week. “You can’t be that tired surely? You look in too good a shape to be that unfit, and feeling your tummy and waist you look in great shape. What do you think Christine?” she asked turning. Christine, who was now naked and d****d in a towel, ready to shower, said.“She’s got much better boobs than you have” answered Christine with a laugh, “and hers didn’t cost her eight grand” she said as she set off into the now misty shower room.“Eight thousand pounds? You’ve got breast implants Natalie?” I was,. I remember the first time Miss Emogene brought you home with her, how puzzled I was then. It didn’t seem to make sense to me, why she’d done so. You were so young, but you’d killed those bank robbers. How could that sweet, young, and relatively innocent girl that was sitting at the kitchen counter eating ice cream and making doe eyes at Miss Emogene be a killer? I know better, now.”“Doe eyes? I haven’t heard that one in a long time, Edward.”“Let’s face it, ma’am. Even though you didn’t live. Troy had lost track of his bullets so he turned, thumbing the hammerback also reduced the trigger pull and that allowed him to aim.The bullet hit Donald in the cheek just below the right eye, it exitedthrough the back of his skull. The monster stumbled and fell back dead.Everything was still except the ceiling where Mack had been slammed intoit. The plastic that was attached to the ceiling was really only meantto reduce the dust that got into his computers not hold up thousands ofpounds of.

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