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He knew they only meant to help but they couldn’t touch her. ‘Mine, back off,’ he growled. He stepped out of the coach and then made the jump fr...m the side of the coach to the side of the ditch it had gone into. He carried her to his horse, a huge gray brute that allowed no one but him on his back and then only when he wanted to. ‘Sterling,’ he growled as the horse rolled his eyes and stamped his feet. ‘You behave. This lady needs our help.’ The horse sniffed at her wet hair, lipped at it and. Sure enough, they were both pretty good looking people in their early 20s. I asked "So, this might sound weird but what type of work would you do for food or money?"The guy said "Just about anything man. What do you need done?" Well, I have a proposal. You can turn it down if you want but.... I'd like to watch and film the two of you having sex. I will pay for a motel room for you to stay overnight. You can shower and enjoy a clean room. I'll also leave $100 afterward for you to do what you. Fir hum ghar pahuch gaye mene gate khola or hum sofe par beth gaye or chachi boli abhi hamare pas bahut time he chal me coffee banati hu or vo kitchen me chali gayi jab vo ja rahi thi to me unki matakti hui gaand ko dekh ke pagal ho raha tha to me bhi unke piche jaake khada ho gaya or unki gaand ko dekhne laga vo piche mudhi or boli kya dekh raha he mene kaha chachi aapki gaand badi pyaari or badi he or unki gaand pe haath ghumane laga chachi ko bhi accha lag raha tha fir humne coffee pi or jab. I shooed Grimm to our tower to gain a moment alone with Tharin, patting her bottom as she waddled away.Tharin finished his plate and handed the dish to a thin woman who stood next to him, leaning over and whispering something in her ear. The young woman laughed and threw a dishtowel at him, which landed on his shoulder as he ducked away from her. He grinned, shrugged and the woman threw up her hand to catch the towel he tossed back. She half-heartedly wagged a finger at him and then stepped in.

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