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There were two empty chairs in the room but they weren't together. I sat down and gently pulled Amy onto my lap. Missus Redd started to say something ...ut bit her lip.Amy said, "We did what we said we would do. We are here and will listen."It was quiet. I said, "We are waiting for you to talk but won't wait all night. If you have something to say, you've had enough time to plan it and say it."My father started. "I am sorry for what I said. I really don't want you to move out. I snapped at you. Abigailwalked confidently into the room and began to cast a critical eye overthe appearance of her newest employee."You need to try harder with your make-up - it's still not quite up toscratch. I think it's time too for 4 inch heels now."David nodded in agreement as he knew better than to disagree withAbigail. Any spanking was one too many and he was in no rush to endurethe humiliation of another bare bottom punishment in front of the youngsales assistants in the store."Now go downstairs and. Never even questioned it, a hooker, must be that she's an addict that can't function in the real world and just fucks to get more drugs. Makes sense, right? Well, not really, but that didn't matter because I never really cared to think about them. Unless I was roleplaying as one for my husband, but that's different. I'd dress up for him and we'd pretend that he was picking me up off the street and I was just some college girl trying to pay for school "the hard way". Never really thought I would. "Mary, Shelby?" Derrick called. "Yes your lordship?" Mary asked a moment later when she appeared. "Why am I incapacitated?" Derrick said not really willing to test the strength of the bio-bed again. "Under all mandates your health and that of your second require that you both stay 'til the bio-bed scanners release you." Mary replied a smile crossing her face. "Well I'll be damned! You're actually enjoying keeping me here aren't you?" Derrick said then lay back down. "Alright, how long?" An.

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