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Neeku anni choopistanu – vijaya. Alagaite sare-ramana. Saregani twaraga snanam chesi ra. Tiffen ready chestanu –vijaya.Ramana pant shirt theese to...el kattukunnadu. Anthalo vijaya kobbarinoone bottleto vachi ramanu chairlo koorchobetti journey lo nee thala antha maasi poyindi, oil tho thalaku postanu ani cheppi oil thalameeda posi baaga mardana cheyasagindi. Ramana koorchoni vijaya niluchoni vundadamtho vijaya sandlu sariga ramana moham eduruga vundi thala munduku venukaku voogadamtho mohaniki. After you left, Harold called me up, and he said, 'What did you mean when you said to hassle those two?', and I told him, 'Come on, Harold, you've seen movies like 'Macon County Line'. Act like that'. They dropped them off back on the old Ward Grade right where I told them to, and I hit it on the nose. They couldn't have been out of the woods five minutes when I found them hitching down the highway." They're really gone?" she asked."Incidentally, they didn't get any usable footage," Mike went. I pick up my hat from the desk and trundle towards the office door; it's about time to clock out for the day.TIING!It's the phone. Well, not a phone per se - it's more of an interdimensional transponder but that's just a glorified fairy phone. HQ has officially named them: "Transdimensional Interconnected Nodes" or "TINs" but the rest of us prefer to call it a FeyComm. We all cast a vote and for some fucking reason the bigwigs up at HQ opted for TINs instead of FeyComm. I bring up the faded. Of course I was acting that I don’t understand anything just smiling. Aimee, she let me call her just Aimee, was being guest at our home every week , but sometimes we didn’t see her few months and every time when she saw me, she kissed me softly and hug me hard, gave me present, and ask me how about my love life. Always!-Alex, how’s your love life? Any girls around… You go to the park with them? Do you peek under their skirts? And questions like that. I got use to on her, and love her to come.

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