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The Reglaz were going to have to be eliminated as a threat, and that task had to be completed as soon as possible.Zeke had been an avid reader of scie...ce fiction, especially the pulps that ran in the late 1940s and into the '50s. Magazines like Thrilling Wonder Stories, Planet Stories, and Startling Stories. Anyway, he was startled to learn from Papoose that the Reglaz perfectly fit the description of the Bug Eyed Monster of those pulps. As BEMs went, the Reglaz were perfect: they were. He didn’t say anything for a moment. I think he was processing what he had just heard. I knew that I had his attention because his cock grew instantly hard against my leg. After we were done smiling for the camera he asked if I would meet him in the back room in 10 minutes and he would see about my request. I gave the k**s $100 and told them to go shopping and to meet me back here in 30 minutes. k**s love money so they said thank you and they were off.I met Santa in the backroom as we had. At least those were the rumours. On the other hand, what choice did he have, really? "Sorry. Yes, I'd like to apply. Can you put my details forward or do I need to fill anything in?" Don't worry we've got access to all your details. If you just put your ident card in there and key your PIN. That will let the application go through."James sucked his lip and hesitated for one moment before pushing his card into the slot. The system seemed as though it was thinking. James's fingers hovered over. One was still pumping two fingers into me, my hips moving to meet them and force them deeper into my pussy. With the other one, I started to rub my clit, moving over it gently. Back and forth, slowly, a little pressure but not much yet.Still with the image of Ryan in the shower playing in my mind, I could feel my orgasm start to build deep inside, my fingers going in and out, the water running over my body, my clit being rubbed faster.I licked my lips, my head tilted slightly back. I applied a.

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