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The conversation was light, with no great ideas involved, but casual enough to relax both of us. Eventually she decided that it would be best if she ...eturned back home to make sure that her cruel aunt and uncle didn't miss her.Disappointed, I drove back home, where I slept very well.A couple of days later, she called back."Hello," she said."Hello," I responded. "How's it going?" Pretty well. I should be free up this Friday. Want to grab dinner and a movie?" she asked."Sure," I replied. . I love going out and getting looks from the men. I feel great when they look me up and down, and I can't resist giving them a sexy stare, even if they are with their woman. It just makes me feel sexy". Mum said "you better not look that way at Andrew then, otherwise he will get the wrong impression. Julie, do you know I've heard him playing with himself several times now. I don't think he knows that I know, but one night I heard him wanking for about half an hour, then I heard a loud moan and. We went over my distance for a foot, which appeared to be different from theirs and worked out a proportion. We decided that one of their feet was about one and a half of mine. The next concept was a mile and we worked out the math to make that work in their system. We decided that three thousand, five hundred, of their feet would be a mile. It was close enough. It looked like a days' walk was maybe ten to fifteen miles. That fit my remembrance of our fairly short journey to Sin Loos.I then. I'm just saying --. Anyway, if we get stuck there for a couple of years your job is going to be affected, can you chance that?" I can afford to take a week long vacation this summer. That should be enough to get me back up to speed after we get back." Are you sure you want to do it?" You think I'm too delicate to use a chamber pot and eat beef jerky? I'm a baroness; I want to get married in my castle. Damn it." That's not the part I'm worried about. It's my other duties." I've convinced myself.

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