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”“For both of us,” I said. “I got programmed before you did.”“So that’s it,” she said, nodding as if that explained everything. Maybe ...t did. “Did someone else program me, too?”“I’m afraid so,” I said. “No point in lying about it.”“Dad, we’ve already fucked. That’s done. Nowhere to go but forward,” she calmly said. “This really feels creepy and if you touch me I’ll probably scream.”“I understand,” I said nodding. She wrapped her blanket around herself a little more tightly. “So, we’re not the. Your particular fetish involves being made over into a mindless sex slave. Did you really think that you could be that public about it without drawing some attention?’ ‘I…how…how?’ The words wouldn’t come anymore. There was just fear now, choking and sickly, wrapping itself around her throat and tightening. ‘Profiling. Some of the people on those mailing lists are professional slavers on the lookout for new victims. There are hidden programs in those websites that send a cookie back to them.. ' Simone edged backfrom Marie's butt and released Dorie Lou's fingers. However, she saidnothing and within moments she sensed Mary's butt begin to 'hump' again.It wasn't long before the inevitable gasps and groans announced thearrival of Sandra and Mary's orgasms. Simone heard Dorie Lou gigglesoftly. 'It's all right for you,' thought Simone, 'you're a girl so ifthese two try anything they won't find anything untoward. If they gropeme they're in for a big surprise.'Despite her misgivings, Sandra. They gently lay her down, as Jennifer pushed her legs back to reveal Liz's open pussy to them both, which Jennifer swiftly started to feast on.Kay just looked at Liz and said "this is what our girly nights consist of, I hope you like them", Liz just smiled back as Kay started sucking on her breasts, kissing and holding her as Jennifer continued to tease and excite Liz.After the initial shock, Liz was now getting settled and a little more relaxed and enjoying what the girls were doing. Kay and.

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