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Dawn knew it, Laura realized, but played along. She immediately leaped back up onto the bed, pouncing on Laura, wrestling her onto her back. "You bitc...," she glowered, lowering her voice to a level of menacing threat. "Tell me where the rope is or I'll pinch your nipples." You wouldn't do that to me," Laura said, gazing up at her. "You love me."Dawn snarled at her so convincingly that for a flash of a moment Laura wondered if she were serious instead of playful. Then a squirt of fire followed. Suddenly Lulu felt it. A tiny spark deep within her being, which she knew would grow inexorably into an orgasm that she'd never forget. "It's starting. I'm almost there," Lulu exclaimed. "Fuck me harder than ever!" Clyda could feel it within her loins too. She'd reached the point where her years of experience with her cock told her that even she couldn't hold off the inevitable forever. "This is it for me too, Lulu! This time we're going all the way!" "Hmm. Those two are definitely. You deserve this, and what’s more, you want it” He held her head down pushing with all his weight and ripped her panties off. He could hear her frightened whimpers as he pushed her knees up so that her ass was sticking up into the air. He held her in place with his hand pushing her face first into the dirt and his hip preventing her from scooting down while he quickly pulled down his pants. He held her there for a bit enjoying her struggling.“I’m going to fuck you now” He whispered in her ear. I gave hard thrust to enter her and started pumping her like a piston engine and went wild completely.She was on the verge of coming too and within 30 seconds to a minute from entering her I splashed my load into her.As I was throwing my cum in her I continued pumping her and in another few seconds she shivered, shuddered and was done. We hugged each other with a sense of satisfaction and let ourselves back to normal. When I removed my dick from her there was a pool of her juices and my semen.

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