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Josh ring the doorbell and a minute or so later Johnny opens the door greeting us tell us to hurry and to follow him upstairs. I notice right off he ...s sporting a hard on. We arrive at his room going in, he closes the door behind us locking it. You see his dad is in his office on the second floor just down the hall and we need to be quite as well while he works on his sermon for Sunday. Johnny waves us over to a window which looks out onto his back yard and when I do I see Mrs. Smith laying. ‘Oh come on now pussy, give us a smile for the camera!’ Sally insisted having looked at the image she had already captured. I forced myself to smile around the balls in my mouth and look directly into the camera as she took another photo ‘that’s better slut’ she said after a moment as Tom pulled me off of his balls and pushed his dick back into my mouth. Behind me I could hear Sally moving about but at moment my entire attention was focused on servicing Tom’s boner. I was shocked when without. He looked at her tits and pussy and then told her "You are way too sexy. Look how hard you keep my dick. I am going to have to fuck you again right here against this tree. But first I am going to lick and suck you then fuck you." He them licked and sucked on her tits and then down to her pussy. She was wet and he then stood and pulled her to him and shoved his cock into her fuck hole and began ramming her hard giving her every inch of his dick. His hands cupped her ass pulling her tight to him. We say down and I said, "What do you want?"She said, "I haven't seen much of George today. Do you know where he is?" I think he spent most of the evening and this morning at Mandu's camp."She said, "I missed him. I wanted to walk with him."I decided to approach the situation with my usual subtlety. "You seemed to be busy with Ted."She said, "Ted is nice but there's nothing serious there."I said, "You spent the night naked with him."She blushed. "Don't tell George. I can explain." Try me." Ted.

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