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OK. If you dont mind. Honey, I think your pussy is beautiful, and I want you to think so, too. She blushed. I let go of her hand and rose to get my mi...ror. I could feel her eyes on my ass and dangling balls as I bent over to retrieve the bag and get the small mirror out. I brought it back and knelt in front of her. All right, spread your legs so we can get in there. She did so, her legs trembling. I stroked her thighs gently, looking into the azure pools of her eyes. Dont worry, sweetie. This. His breath quickened as I worked him up and down. "Fuck, Cassie," he moaned then grabbed my hand. He kissed me deeply to buy himself some time to cool off. "I’ve never been so hard," he said kissing my neck again.Taking a condom from the pocket of his jeans he put it on and I could barely wait any longer to have him inside me. After slowly taking off my thong, making sure to brush against as much of my leg as possible, he picked me up and set me on the edge of the desk. Teasing me he rubbed the. “Another thing... when you jerk off, we need to have a glass nearby for you to squirt into.”“Why?”“So you can drink it!” Jenny giggled. “I think we need to get you used to the taste of fresh sperm. That will go a long way towards your homosexual feelings.”Brad was slowly continuing to get more aroused as the discussion went further.“And a butt plug!” Jenny added. “You should wear a plug anytime you masturbate. That way when you’re imagining a cock being in your ass, you’ll have something in. .All thoughts stopped when reaching forward, Brad grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back. He had forced my face up towards the stairs and I could see even more of Ashley's knees than before. I cried out in surprise as Brad slapped my ass hard and somehow began to fuck me even harder."Fuck me!" I screamed, "Fuck that pussy! Give it to me baby...oh, yes!"Brad had begun gasping and whipping his cock out, yanked me roughly off the couch. I landed on my knees and immediately spun.

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