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It was in those moments, we both came to a realization. Anything that would follow had come with a bundle of excuses.“Do you mind if I give you a co...pliment?” I whispered as I took the turn to their house. She nodded, and I slide my head across the headrest, with my eyes set on the road. I drew my lips abutting to her ears and exhaled with a sigh of my last bit of fear.“I think you looked sexy tonight. Especially with those sexy legs of yours,” I couldn’t trust my body or mind now. She giggled,. The cool shower was refreshing and I felt much restored by the time I emerged. The ubiquitous maintenance bots had cleared away the clothes I'd strewn around, so I shrugged and got out the kimono-like garment I'd got used to for wear before bed, and headed upstairs.Anya was waiting, dressed in her short denim mini-skirt and loose blouse. "I fancy ravioli," she said with a smile. "Romy assured me we could have a decent wine with it, too." Sounds good," I agreed. "I hadn't really thought about. With his free hand he would slap my ass and call me all dirty names and his white slut as his big black cock fucked my white pussy. I loved how he was fucking and ravaging me. And then it happened. He came. He came again but this time in my pussy. Mmmmm. I was moaning loud. Once limp, he pulled out and fell back on the bed. I fell on top of his strong body. We both were sweaty and the smell of sex was all over us and the room. We rested for a while and then I went down on his cock. I needed. This was a first for him, well other than online, and it was all so much more incredible in real life. He marvelled at the way the lips of her vagina leaned in towards the centre, the petals of a delicate flower protectively surrounding the heart of the bud, small beads of moisture gathering along those folds and creases signifying her arousal and excitement. He sat back on his heels and took a moment to appreciate the entire vision displayed before him and was very nearly overwhelmed with the.

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