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“Well ... that’s an inhabited tropical island ahead ... this whole island chain looks an awful lot like the Bahamas,” Seven said. “It’s not ..... but you can call it that ... the locals won’t mind.”“Why here?”“You need a vacation,” Seven said. She discombobulated. “We do too.”The seven in one looked like they did in Australia ... like they had spent weeks on the nude beaches of Perth ... tan, fit and ready to party.“Listen to that,” said Two.Faint and wind borne, fading in and out with the. She stepped back now spraying it before touching up hislips."All done cutie." Vicky tapped his thigh and pointed to a dressing room."You can change in there. Brittany put your ski bag with your clothes onthe chair inside."Mike stood and walked over to the room and closed the door. He quicklyundressed, anxious now to hit the slopes and unzipped the ski bag. Hereached in, first pulling out some black Nordica stretch ski pants andbright pink Under Armour turtleneck. He then found some fuchsia. Don’t worry..”.Since then, we started chatting casually. We used to joke about other faculty in the college. And she made me the head boy too.After a few days, I started flirting with her casually, like, “Ma’am, you are way sexier than the so-called heroines these days. You should try becoming a model,” and she replied like, “Shut up, I am your Principal! And also, I am too old to become a model, hehe..”And we started sharing pick up lines and romantic memes. She used to reciprocate her. I could never forget you, Rina. I can't stop thinking about you."They went together into the kitchen. Laura made each of them a vodka tonic. It was hard not to remember how they had first kissed there, after Laura had sucked Rina's wounded hand. And then ended up fucking within minutes.Rina looked at her. "I don't want you to forget me," she whispered.She put her glass down on the sink counter. Her hands went to the buttons of her shirt, and she began unbuttoning. Her eyes burned into Laura's..

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