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They told me, more or less, where I was and said they had heard some gunfire recently but were not able to say how close it was. The British and Germa...s had not bothered them, but some militia had visited a while back so they told me, glancing at each other and saying no more about that. I assumed it had not been a polite visit. Two women alone in the woods were seldom safe when soldiers were about.The second morning I was with them, all three of us were jolted awake by someone pounding on the. ”“If we made it through to the town without any issues I was thinking about heading to Retsas to pick up a few things. So whoever was back at the base would just be twiddling their thumbs for three to four hours while they waited.”“What sort of things?”“A reloader, for one,” he answered. “It’ll save us quite a bit of money in the future if we start keeping all of our spent casings and reload them. We’ll need to buy gunpowder and bullets occasionally, but neither of those should be particularly. He took us out on a dinner date. Mom refused to fuck him after the date and sent him unfulfilled. Rejection and denial worked well on Bob and in another 2 weeks, Bob proposed to my mother. He was going to Las Vegas on a business trip and wanted her to him. Since mom couldn't leave me alone, we all went. Bob had a suite in beautiful Venetian. He and my mother took the bedroom, while I slept on a couch outside. We were not used to this kind of luxury but per my instructions, my mother never let. .. you... “ It was hopeless. They wanted her again and they were going to have her. Jerome was already climbing between her thighs and Karl was holding her down. There was nothing left to do but open her legs wider for him. She felt his cock prodding her opening and the next thing she knew it was slipping deep inside her. She sighed in her surrender and Karl let go of her wrists. “Go on then,” she told him as she wrapped her hands around the back of his neck. “Fuck me.” Jerome thrust hard.

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