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He gave me his address and told me to get there this morning at 10am. As soon as my wife went to work I showered, shaved, and cleaned out good. I dres...ed up like the sissy slut I am in a crotchless fishnet body suit, one of my wife's short skirts, panties and the spike heels I bought for a halloween costume a few years ago. Iput a large coat so my neighbors would not see me dressed. (My wife knows I like sucking black cock but does not know I like being fucked we have shared several and nothing. " He knew she didn't believe him.She smiled softly, then looped her arm in his, encouraging him."You ready... ?" she asked gently.No, but let's do this anyway. He took one last look at the river, and then nodded to her before they headed back up to her car. She didn't ask why he'd wanted to meet here instead of her picking him up from his apartment. It was obviously important to him, and she didn't pry."Liz, you don't need to do this if you don't..." he managed to get out before she stopped him. ."That was all I needed to hear. At this point, I am wrapped with suchfluid emotions, happiness takes out the guilt.I spent all night trying on some of the sexiest clothes ever. I feltlike a supermodel. I had no boy clothes in sight either. So there wouldbe only wearing of women's clothing. She sat me next to her on the love seat and placed some lingerie over mylegs. It's a super sexy rose colored garter slip with a beautiful lacepattern."Here's slip these on," as she hands me a pair of. ....but her body was meant to enjoy and she has never had a complaint from the 999 men before James.I can’t help but think of all of the cum that has been blown into my wife over that last 37 years. Gallons of semen from all different races have been spewed into her throat, ass and vagina.....and now she is going to add one more. She has already told me that she wants James to be a “regular”, even before she met him. It is because of her kind heart.Gracie lowered herself on to his waist. She.

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