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“Oh, god, yes!” she screamed. “Oh my fucking ass. Do it. Fuck it. Do me deep. Fuck me, just fuck me.”He reached under her for her clit. Only a...few minutes of stimulation and, “Yes, Oh yes. God, my ass. I love it! Deeper!”It started with her thighs and then soon her whole body started trembling and shuddering. A shriek he had never heard before emanated from her like she was possessed. He began to blast another load into her as she collapsed to the bed. He followed her down, his cock still. Deborah opened eyes, soon filled with tears.“Owww! It hurts!”“Deb, honey, don’t move. We need to be sure you don’t injure yourself further. You’ve had a bad accident but don’t worry, I’m here with you. Now do what I say. Can you take a deep breath?”“Yes. Ow. Hana, that hurts. What’s wrong.”“It’s just a guess, but I’d say probably a broken rib. Now, can you wiggle your toes?”“How can I wiggle my toes in skate boots? That’s dumb.”“Okay. I’m going to take your skates off. You’ll need them off when. I had always thought of Kate as shy and inhibited. The look she gave me was pure animal hunger. It was like my admission of insecurity had made her decide something, and her inner fire poured out of her eyes. Maybe she was as uncertain about the future as I was?She said nothing. She simply turned and grabbed the back of my head. She dragged me into the same kind of open mouthed kiss that we had been indulging in for the past year. But, she was frantically pulling on the ties on her sundress as. She bounced on the dildo in time with mouth fucking Jeff. He throbbed inside her mouth and she released, not ready for this to end.Jeff was still fully dressed, with his cock through his zip. He pulled Sarah’s wet cunt off the dildo and turned her around. He spotted the butt plug and groaned at her, "Full of surprises." Jeff pulled her wet body close to him, grasping at her flesh like he was starved. He groped her breasts as he kissed her neck, inhaling her scent, perfume, shampoo, and her.

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