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Pim looked me in the eyes with her sexy sparkle and giggle, “So, are you duly impressed young man?” What could I say? She was truly beautiful. ...he leaned in and whispered in my ear. “Tonight is for Judy. She is one of my best friends and she needs her spirits lifted. OK? Please, do it for me. Pay lots of attention to her.”I told Pim I would do my best, but I was very worried that Judy was “out of my league.” Pim looked at me shocked with an expression that said, “What do you mean?” . ’ ‘I have seen another guy at the gym that had a loose foreskin. This is the first time getting a chance to play with one.’ I asked him if he wanted to finger dock my foreskin? ‘Hell yeah!’ He stood up and slipped off his shorts and knelt down between my legs. Told him to wet his fingers as I pushed my foreskin up. He slipped his fingers inside side feeling his finger rubbing my gland. ‘Oh it feels so good!’rolling his fingers around and spreading the skin. He look up at me I was leaned back. When we reached her home in a remote part of the county, shesmiled an odd sort of smile and told me to call in sick to workfor the next three days. When I started to protest, she purredin my ear that I wouldn't be sorry that if I did. I think Ibroke the sound barrier in calling the boss and leaving amessage that I had to leave town on a serious family emergencyand that I wouldn't be in, and if he had to reach me, to callColleen, the head of the Psychology Department. While I was onthe phone, I. This is the only reason I wanted you here. This is what you do, don't you understand? This is what you are for." She cried and looked at him. "Only for you, only for...ARGHHH!" Edward pushed his fingers deep inside her, grinding the pulpy insides of the pepper into her open pussy. She struggled and squirmed as he ground all six of them, one after the other, up into her cunt. Her eyes locked on Peter's, her mouth repeating her mantra, "only for you, only for you..." until finally she passed out.

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