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I might get a drink or two out of this… if they believe me. Maybe I should try to get a pic of her on my mobile phone on her way out…? ‘Ahem!’...a soft, feminine voice woke him from his daydreams with a start. He had a dim awareness that it may have been there for some time. Dave looked up and gasped. Wow! he thought as he saw the beautiful young woman standing opposite his desk. Another one! She had dark hair that was long and straight, and she wore a very large and baggy black jacket with. “And who might you be, Sir?” Richard demanded, angry over the crude interference.“Major Dennis Fox, at your service! I have orders from this young lady’s fiancé to conduct her home.”He took Ellen’s arm and tried to pull her away.“Stand back, Sir! I cannot allow you to manhandle Miss Trilby!”Richard was surprised by the force with which he had shouted. Even the Major hesitated briefly before a grin spread over his face.“That’s not for you to allow, boy,” he sneered.“But perhaps I have a word in. . just us girls," I said smiling sipping my coffee. Wondering as I did, what she was planning on telling me, and hoping that I could quickly deflect whatever reservations she obviously had."We need to talk." Obviously, though you have to admit mom, it was pretty damn exciting wasn't it?" If I could get her to admit to that, I knew her resolve would weaken a little, and I could work with that."Exciting, yes. Admittedly, but I'm not sure it's such a good idea to be doing things like that, not. He applied the some liquid oil on her ass hole. And little bit applied on his dick also. Oh. my god his dick nearly 7″. He pressed his dick in to her ass hole. But it is not going inside. Then immediately my wife turned to front. This totally session I was watching from the window hole. And I am thinking that she resist that ass fucking.But there was not happened that. She turned to front and she also taken the oil bottle and taken some oil into her hands and applied his dick. I surprised after.

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