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He also found that the air conditioning was large enough to use and evade his droid watchdog.While doing this one night he made his way to the Quarter...aster/supply section. He did some private 'shopping' while using his knowledge of the base computers to mask his actions.After several months of training Jones was brought before the three computers."Well done Scout, you are promoted to Lieutenant in the Special Services, after you are dismissed you will report to the Quartermaster for additional. It will make things so mucheasier for me from now on," answered Wendy. "Lets get going to thebookstore. I wish we had more time so I could feel your hairless body,but we don't want to be late. That will have to wait for later thisevening."I wound up helping to control the crowd at the bookstore, while Wendyautographed her books. Afterwards, we went out to dinner, where Wendyteased me unmercifully. She took her shoe off and ran her foot up mypants leg under the table. Then, she unbuttoned. I parted her lips and with my tongue touched her clitts and she jumped in pleasure and moaned loudly hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I was enjoying her moaning. i was licking her pussy and she was loving it with loud moans. She was very desperate now and pushing my face deep inside her pussy. I came up to her face and kissed her and immediately suman surprised me by pushing me back and went down to my semi erect cock and took it straight in her mouth. I loved it and gave a small moan and she understood how. Thankfully for both of us, he got back onto the story.“Basically, yeah, it was 3-4 hours of really experimental sex,” Chuck said offhandedly. “I had no idea that Missy had seen everything.”“Everything,” Joanie nodded. “She probably saw more than I did.”“How is that ... never mind,” I sighed, looking over at Bud. He was sitting stock still, a massive erection tentpoling his khakis. And yes, I meant, massive.“Shit!” I said. “Did I miss the memo about being hung like a Zulu warrior tonight?”Chuck.

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