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So you think what’s your opinion? Geetha ask me that,But I refused that after some days please came to my home for help to correct the10th answer pa...er so I am going to her house her house was not present her parents , since she’s parents go to relation marriage also her sister. So she 1ly present at the day. She give some juices also my fave mossambi juices, after she give some ans paper for total the marks I do my work…. After 2hrs she go to bath finished her bath in 30min she wear 1ly towel. I'll do it. Still facing the mirror I stepped back till Iwas touching the door. The doorknob was exactly above my left shoulder andI grabbed it with my right hand. I couldn't twist my left hand so much totake the doorknob in it. The doorknob felt like any other. I tried to turnit. I had to apply some force as if the lock needed some oiling. The doorcracked open but I couldn't see what's behind it. To open the door more Ihad to step through the doorway and I did it.The feeling was like I fell. Jab main vaaapis aaaya to sidha uske ghar gaya jab usne door khol main dektha hi rah gaya usne red color ki saari deeep nack vaala blouse pahna tha bhuat sexy lag rahi thi raaat mein ham dining tabel mein gaye usne khana parosa aur baatein karne lag gaye khaaana khaane ke baad ham TV dekhene lag gaye 11 baz chuke the ham TV dekh rahe the ham ek hi sofe par baithe the baate kar rahe theSapna- tumhari koi gf haiMe- Nahi haiSapna- q jooth bol rahe hoMe- nahi sach mein nahi haiSapna- q tumhari age. Thank you."Several of the men went into the Bureau for coffee and to visit. Conish was prepared with a couple of magazines and a bottle of water. It took over an hour for the last of them to clear out and for us to check and recheck the hallways for stragglers. I sent Conish up the stairs to the fourth floor to take the elevator up to our floor. Wanda had gone with her to make sure areas were clear before they entered.Upstairs, I congratulated Conish on an excellent performance. I told her how.

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