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When I felt like cumming I told her and she says hell yes give it to me, I’m on the pill anyways.I flooded her little cunt and when I came out it wa... like I’d just fucked her ass for the first time, she was gaping wide and flowing my cum out of her fast.I pointed to Jasmine and she flipped around and started sucking her cunt hard.I went to jasmines pussy and started fucking her and I knew she could take me easily and she did.That night that little girl took me twice in her pussy and once in her. I was in my underwear and my penis was hard waiting to be let loose. Nisha turned out to be a bigger sex monster than imagined and she tied my hands to the bed with the dupatta she had brought with her. She started teasing me now with her various antics. She first removed my underwear and I was here lying naked in the bed tied up and a sexy lady in front of me.She first let her hair open and started fiddling it over my tummy. My penis was getting only harder and it was erect and I was literally. I screamed with delight unaware it woke up mom. Tom came in the room naked and jacking off to the scene before him. We all were oblivious to Liz's arrival at the partially opened door. She watched in shock but soon was stroking her wet pussy through her thin nightgown. Making herself cum she let out a moan. "Mom, is that you?" Liz came in the room took one look at Tom's rigid rod and dropped to her knees before him taking his cock in her mouth on the way down. What a sight. I'm being butt. He said hello want to join us?i was so fuckin horny,i watch the black guy pull out the long white cock in his mouth,i don't why i decided to go into their stall but i did,it was the handi-cap stall and was very roomy. the black guy met me at the door after i closed and locked the door i turn around and the black guy ,his name was nate,nate kissed me obviosly he was drunk but i didn't care,the white guy,his name was.

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