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A soft kiss, They started as pecks silently our lips smacked against each other, feet still keeping each other warm. Our eyes open as we look each oth...r in awe wondering what was going on. We continued slowly wrapping our arms around each other and opening our mouths now as we kissed. Softly twirling our tongues together as we shared our forbiddin kisses. A few minutes passed as my sister and I made out on the couch behind where our mother was wide awake watching T.V. It were as if we were in. On the other end of the phone, a smile spread slowly across her face. She, too, had been listening to the long "honey do list". While listening to the droning from the girlfriend via the phone, she began her own "honey do list", only hers was much more fun! Whispering softly into the phone, she told him what she'd be doing were she in the room with them, only down below his broad oak desk hidden from view. His grip on the arm of his leather office chair tightened as she typed her thoughts of. The very next hand she lost again."Shit, someone's cheating here," she said. "So what happens now, I've got no more clothes to lose?" You'll have to do a forfeit," suggested Terry."Yeah, like what?" giggled Kathy."She could run around the close," suggested Judy."Fuck me no way!" laughed Kathy, "it's much too fucking cold out there." She could kiss Mark," said Terry."God, no way," she laughed, "he's my husband. Tell you what, I'll kiss one of you two guys." Shit, you're my sister," I said."So. ”When Chris left at ten-thirty, Vivian had a strong belief that she would be seeing him very soon again. Just how soon that would happen, however, surprised her when two hours later there was a knock on her door.As she opened the door, the man standing next to Chris was unmistakably his father, Sylas. Instantly, Vivian could clearly tell from whom Chris had learned his lascivious ogling routine. Although Sylas and Chris had a similar build, Sylas appeared to be a lot scruffier than Chris. Sylas.

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