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Soon Patel Nagar came and she got off the metro. Again a wow moment bcz that was my stop too. As we left the platform, I went straight to her and star...ed walking with her. There was still silence. I think it was just a sense of understanding that had by now developed between us. Soon rickshaw walas came and we left the station. After few minutes we reached her building. Luckily there was a medical shop just a few metres away.Me: Abhi aata hu medical shop se..She nodded in affirmation and told. He bent over my shoulder and whispered in my ear; "I will enjoy disrobing you tonight, m'lady." With that, he and Scott went and got dressed in some of their own clothes from the middle ages. Soon, we were on our way to the park.I must admit it was a lot of fun. There were all sorts of people there who were acting out as characters from the middle ages. Daddy told me that Scott had gotten him interested in the SCA back when they were stationed together, but Marie (his wife who died; see chapter. She had sat on his lap.Robbie was bummed, the game had slowed down and he knew he had a good turn coming up, but with Chuck pausing to spank and screw Amber, it had not made it back around to him. He satisfied himself with the knowledge that Chuck was likely to make sure that everyone got a turn, giving away his ‘wins’ to whomever needed it. Watching as Niki stood up from between Steve and Jackson’s chairs he still could not believe how comfortable she seemed completely naked in a room full of. The room has mirrors on all the walls and the ceiling with two large, higher than usual chairs alongside each other as well as chairs for the six women.“Let me introduce todays entertainment for you ladies, Seb and Damian, two very pretty boys. And as you can see they are hung and thick,” Helene announced as we entered with her holding our hands and wearing nothing part from our cock rings,We could feel the incredible sexual tension as Seb and I licked each other’s oily nipples then teased each.

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