Office Manager Having A Phone Sex In Her Washroom mp4

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This sexy desi woman works as a manager in an IT company at Bangalore. She had to run a big team and had to live a stress-free life to do that. Whenever she feels the work pressure, she would come to her restroom or to her cabin to have a chat with her lover. He would not motivate her with some inspiring speech but he would talk naughty to her which turns her on. She wanted this kind of phone sex very often.

So, that day, she could not use her cabin since her boss had come. So, she rushes to the washroom and locks the door. Now, she could not utter a word since anyone could make out what she does with a mere noise from her lips. So, she keeps silent while her boyfriend talks to her. He tells her what he would do to her body. With the phone in her ear, she touches her nipples and then begins to finger fuck herself very hard.

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