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I let my hands roam on her back and then I cupped her breasts from behind. Her nipples were erect and I pulled them with my forefinger and thumb. I w...s sucking on her neck, when I felt her hands on my waist. She tried reaching out for my dick but I took both her hands and planted them on the wall. She leaned down on the wall a bit, her ass was now pressing against my dick. I started the shower nuzzles, two of them shot water right at her nipples and she let out a low moan. One was shooting. Drifting his finger erratically over her wetness, John now turned a bit of his attention to Joe asking him if he had a girlfriend. Joe began to drone on about how most of his dates never go past one. John returned his attention to Sarah, his finger tip now focusing on her ever hardening clit. Slowly he rolled around it making her tremble. She turned to look at him as she grasped his thigh, digging her fingers into him hard. John began to smile, knowing he had her right on the edge... just where. Her legs wrapped around his waist as a signal and he looked straight into her eyes as they paused before he slowly pushed into her.She felt so tight after her orgasm and his shoulders jabbed with pain as she dug her fingernails into them but he made sure to keep the pace of his thrust slow and measured. She let out a low moan as his hard cock pushed its way into her, she felt her pussy stretching around his head as it slid in. She held her breath until all of him was inside her and then gasped. More exotic. During his search, he watched for a breed.Young, but not too young. College age."Doesn't make them clean, though. Dirty. Dirty. Dirty."He didn't kill them. He raped them but didn't kill them. Usually. If they cooperated, and most did, he left them alive. Those that died took their last breath after he left them. Usually. One slit her wrists and died. That pleased him because it meant that he'd gotten through to her. That from what he'd told her, she had figured out that she wasn't.

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