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I didn't go to many things in the City before."Carolyn said, "You can always take a break from school and fly up for events. You're not that far away ...ith your plane. Are you rethinking coming back permanently?" There are some things about the Southern people and pace I really like. I'm sure I'll keep a place in the City and come back for the plays and things; and I'll want to visit Will and Brooke, but I don't think I will change my mind about living here."Beau skipped the basement exercises. All she could do was to put him down as life's little experience that got thrown to her. She had enjoyed their time together, but it could never be anything more. She had decided after giving him her most treasured possession that she would tell no-one, and she never did.Her friends had noticed a slight change in their friend, and assumed that she had finally realised that life meant more than books and good grades. They liked the new Libby. She was fun and full of life.After begging and. Her parents were waiting for her; she had a life ahead of her she could go to class from on-line? Laura told the girls, ?It is time girls, Britney your socks are the worst put them in her mouth.? Lisa looked around wide eyed in fear, ?Professor please, I’ve been a good girl what are you going to do.? Laura smiled down at the helpless girl, ?You complained about our smoking, so the best way to punish you is by smoking.? Lisa screamed, ?NO! I’ll die, you can’t please, m-m-my lungs. Ship,” Jeff offered. “She prefers to be addressed as Ship.”“Thank you, Ship. I know that you saved my life.”“You are most welcome, Aiko,” Ship quietly returned. “I am certain that we will become close friends.”The RetreatDiana and Jeff, walking behind the others, exited the fake building and made their way, arm in arm, toward the Retreat. “So, are you going to tell me?” he asked, laughter barely concealed.“Not now. Not like this,” she said, looking up at him.“That bad, huh?”Holding back a.

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