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As her senses cleared, Jordan could tell that she had been propped up on some pillows in a sort of semi-reclining position on the bed. At first, Jord...n couldn't quite move her waist and hips very easily. She assumed that it must be due to the effects of the anesthetic that hadn't quite worn off yet. Jordan stretched out her arms, and sat up. As her mind cleared, Jordan now recalled that she had just undergone the surgery procedure from Dee Dee, earlier in the day. She couldn't wait to see. " Yaay! That was so cool when they caught the bad guy at the end. I thought he was supposed to be their friend?" Well, that's where he fooled the boys, didn't he. It took them a while to figure it out, but they did, didn't they?" Yeah. Those guys are really smart. I'd like to be a detective some day."I looked at Nicole and I could see that certain sparkle in her eyes that I'd become used to seeing when she was very happy.And that was the beginning of our dating. I was falling for Nicole and I. She was in a strange room wearing a short satin nightie andwrap, lying on a couch while in the corner a TV was playing. It took agood five minutes before she really started to watch what was on thescreen, what with being in someone else's home and wearing women'snightwear and from what she could make out several other female typechanges, such as long finger nails, unexpected breasts, a hair style sheknew was different as it was not a pony tail, and also her arse was sore.Then just as she was. I climbed up behind her and went right for her asshole. I didnt hesitate as I stuck my face between her cheeks and tried to fuck her asshole with my tongue! I thought it would be nasty but she was clean, she obviously planned this. I decided to use my fingers to fuck her pussy and was rewarded with her saying Yeah baby, thats it, fuck my pussy and ass! Flick my clit! Thats it baby boy, make mommy cum! Within just a minute or so she started to moan and I feel her pussy tightening on my fingers!.

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