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Kuchh hi der men main uske saamne bikul nangee khadi thi. Wah mere choochiyon ko aur mere choot ko nihare ja raha tha. Phir usne mujhe apnee banho men...bhar kar mere chunchiyon ko masalne laga. Main uske kapron ko ek ek kar ke kholne lagi. Jab ham dono bilkul nange hogaye to wo mujhe bistar par khinch laaya. Wo mere choot ko tatolne laga. Main uske khade lund ko sahlane lagee. Wo bahut jyaada uttejit ho chukka tha, is liye bina waqt ganwaaye hi mujhe leta kar mere choot men apna khada lund Daal. "BEWARE lads night out all ladies entering must give head to the lads"Me & the wife thought it was funny & continued into the bar, we ordered our drinks & sat at the bar, we could hear these lads (only 4 in total between 20& 22 yrs old) playing pool in the next room. The barmen had gone off somewhere, We were there about ten minutes then we heard the lads commenting on me & my wife being at the bar.About 5 mins later one of them introduced himself to us as Derek, he said "I don't mean to be. .You'll have a lot of these dreams. You'll wake up panting and with a handin an embarrassing place almost every morning.Right now, you're a virgin, like every other girl in your squad (exceptAmber, she has something of a reputation...), but don't worry - in threeweeks' time, I'll pop your cherry in the back seat of my car.I'd do it earlier, but I've got QUITE the list to work through...It'll be perfect.It'll be after a game, you'll be in your uniform (minus your underwear),and - after a drink. Marsha pulled Amy toward her and then dropped one hand down to caress Amy's round ass. Amy moaned slightly into Marsha's mouth. Amy began running her hands down Marsha's back, exploring for the first time up close the smooth skin of a woman. Marsha's skin was cool to the touch, and so soft. She felt Marsha's hand on her ass and leaned closer into the older woman.Sensing her heat, Marsha slid one hand down, past Amy's skirt, and then back up underneath, cupping her ass cheek. Amy responded,.

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