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Taking the bait, he began to lick and suck the pussy juice off my fingers as Johann eased his knob closer. I sank three fingers deeper into my saturat...d pussy, getting them completely covered in my love juices. Johann smiled at me as I placed one finger at my husbands open mouth and circled his black knob with my thumb and forefinger. As my husband's lips sucked my finger into his mouth, I pulled Johanns throbbing knob onto his opened lips. Sliding my fingers down the meaty shaft, I moaned. "She lowers her eyes in shame, licking hr lips slowly. Her taste is on her tongue, her cheeks enflaming. She has nothing to say to his comment.He lifts her dress up to her shoulders. She can feel his eyes burning her. He takes his left hand and presses her into the bed.He lifts her bra up off her breasts in a single movement. He sees fresh bruises surrounding her nipples. His blue eyes narrow, his voice barely a whisper,"This is how you spend your day? When I tell you to clean this house, and. Jennifer kicked her high heeled boots on the box wall in protest. The box lid opened with a slamming of wood and she felt him lifting her out. He had very strong arms and easily picked the wriggling bound beauty up, allowing her to stand on her quaking heels. She still couldn't see or speak the gag now almost part of her body. Her legs gave way and she stumbled to her knees.The Doc helped her like the concerned physician, stroking the side of her rubber clad cheek caressing her long pony tail. .Very next second the bathroom door got opened. Actually out bathroom did not have light and it burned out couple days back, we were lazy to get it fixed.As the shower was running fast, I cannot leave the door open.I rushed inside and closed it behind, no words spoken.I hugged her from the back and rubbed my cock against her naked ass.She was cooperating so well that she took my hands placed it on her pussy asking me to finger it.I turned her around and we kissed for good 5 mins.I tried to push.

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