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.." Hermother, though not her mother, not that she knew that yet... calmlycomforted her, and agreed.And as to be expected, that was surreal for How do you tellyour family, your parents, your husband's sister and his parents, thatyou are not that special person in their life? That your husbandkidnapped you, genetically reprogrammed you, brainwashed you, and madeyou think you were someone else... their someone else who died... whenneither you nor them knew, just your husband?Surreal?. Then the dress went on, thatwonderful moment when I pulled the zip up to the top and the laceencased my arms and neck, the dress hugging tightly against my body. Youcould just see the outline of the knickers and that was by design.Then came the hair as I stood in front of the full length mirror, aquick brush after I'd clipped the wig to the wig cap I'd put on. Thenthe hoop earrings, then a little fumbling to get the slightly over-largetongue ring in and secured.I pulled out 'his' watch and. His manhood was perfect. He had to be at least seven and a half inches wide and a good two and a half inches wide. He put my husband cock to shame. I had spent my entire life trying to ride a six-inch oddly bent dick. That was not appealing in the slightest. "Colt, your cock is gorgeous. You are so much bigger than my husband." Colt ran his fingers through my hair"Hmmm, ya, what do you want to do with that big cock?" he said."It is so big I am not sure I can do what I want to it," I said as I. They rode home this way and Lola’s partner insisted that she walk up to the house without adjusting her clothes. She tried to appear confident as she tottered up the walkway in her heels, her corset thrusting her breasts forward and her dress offering no protection. As she reached the door, her partner lifted her skirt and gave her ass a little pinch. She couldn’t get the door open fast enough, desiring to escape the potential of on-looking neighbors. The moment the couple stepped inside,.

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