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Whatever you want!" I anxiously replyAs my wife, pulls open her robe and reveals a large, perfectly colored, veined, realistic strap on cock in a blac... leather harness she coolly states, "O.K., then you may start by sucking my cock you sissy slut!" I stare in amazement and lust. My own cock is so hard in the panties if feels like it'll break. My wife grips the base of her strap on, lifting it and pointing it in my direction. Then she slaps her large, veined, cock across my lips, cheeks and all. I slapped her face and shoved her down onto her knees. I used the leather collar to strap her ankles together so she could not move. I told her that if she made a sound, she'd regret it. Leaving her bound in the hallway, I returned to the area where the men were. I approached the one who had told me of the dark and abanonded ‘exit'. I told him that he and his friends were welcome to go and get sucked off by my slut. I encouraged him to be rough with her. He looked shocked but quickly realized. Mrs. Kalian was around 45years,bit fat with stats almost of 38_34_38,we started chatting and soon came Mr. Bart he was in lunge . He asked us to go inside if followed Mrs. Kalyani to her between .after sometime of chatting Kalyani told me that if am very good looking. I said thank you. Archie can if give you a hug. Yes please she caught me and began hugging me her massive boobs was crushing my well maintained boobs if also notices that she didn’t wore any bra, she started kissing my neck if was. He poured himself another glass of wine and smiled, ‘I woke the next morning to find Rose lying on her stomach, propped up by her pillow clutched to her bosom … she was gazing at me. The sunlight shining through her tousled hair made her look like a sensuous angel hovering over me and I reached out to run my fingers down her cheek, tracing her lovely neck across to her shoulders. I only hesitated a moment there, brushing dark strands from her creamy shoulders before I continued slowly with.

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