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" I said."I was a police Sergeant, but they did a reduction in force, when the city had budget cuts. I had enough time for a partial pension, so I too... it. They really didn't give me a lot of choice, There were about twenty position they did away with. If you had the rank, regardless of the time in, they wanted to put your name in the fish bowl. I had the choice, put my name in the bowl, or take the pension. I chose the pension and let the younger guys have my spot. Didn't know how hard it was. “You suck cock better than she does. Go on, suck that dick that fucked your wife better than you ever could.” He chided me as he began to fuck my mouth. “Get all the taste you can. Can you taste her pussy? Can you taste her ass? That was one tight ass. Who knows, you just might get to experience that yourself as well.” I moan with the thought as I suck even harder. “Oh yea, you want that, don’t you. I even have a friend I could introduce you to and the five of us can have a real party then. How. ”Mark burst out laughing. He said, “It took me ten minutes to order my meal. I hadn’t even gotten past the third page when I decided that I had better say something.”Sharon said, “I can’t get used to looking at a menu that doesn’t have any prices. I’ve always used the price to pick what I was going to eat.”Wondering if Sharon was a gold digger, Lisa asked, “The highest price?”“I wish,” answered Sharon realizing that without clothes to proclaim wealth or poverty, it was hard to tell the economic. So hard that she had to muffle her scream so her down stairs neighbors wouldn't hear. The floors seemed to be thin enough so there was no sense in giving them more to gossip about us, I supposed. Since I had gone this far, I might as well go further I had thought. I undid her bikini straps and put lotion on her ass. I figured this would probably be my only chance so I slowly put the tip of my dick in her asshole and seeing no signs of protest, I kept going. It felt so good that I was sure I was.

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