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Anyway, he's better qualified to show you the space than I am."Doug's eyes darted around the room. "It's better if I call him. The boss is a snoop. I ...hink he knows I'm about ready to split."I wrote Ralph Shepard's name and number on the back of my business card and handed it to Doug. "I'll let Ralph know to expect your call. He'll treat you right. You'll like him."Doug looked at the front of my card. "Sammy K. Oldham, Special Projects. I've got a special project for you, Sammy. That's the. Your fingers toy with my hair, you kiss my neck, I feel your hot breath on me. Then you whisper " honey lets get out of here and take a drive in the country" All I can do is nod my head affirmatively and violently. You whisper " meet me in the car babe" again my head nods uncontrollably. There is no way I could ever deny you, I want you so much it HURTS. You go out the door I hear the car start. I slip into the bedroom and remove the pleasure balls, a gush of wetness fills my hot pussy. I grab. " Please what?" ... Please let me in." And?" And ... fuck me. Please fuck me," came the timid request.Alexandra grabbed her by the hair and pulled Catherine's lips to her own."Sweet. See that you always taste sweet for me. Now come in," was the curt command. "Take off the coat."Catherine wore a full length raincoat. Still not sure she even wanted to be here, she felt her hands unbuckle the belt and the coat slide to the floor. She wore nothing underneath except black stockings and matching. Picking up her hand mirror, she noticed her fingernails were also painted the same bright red. Sarah lowered the looking glass to her pussy which felt swollen and juicy. Gone was the shapely trimmed and cropped landing strip, she was completely bald, her lips glistening with her juices. Her clit seemed to be protruding out from between her labia. Sarah couldn’t believe this metamorphosis. She was obviously dreaming. Still she couldn’t resist the urge to touch herself. Putting the mirror on the.

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