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Clark. For the firsttime in her life, Miss Umbridge would be an easy "A" - or A+, whateverit'd take to get the transvestite Smurf out of her life. B...air's otherteachers would fall into line - of that Umbridge was sure. Besides,she knew that Principal von Aft would leave nothing to chance. Von Aftwould even find a way to have Blair "appear" to attend the last fourweeks of school so as to get reimbursed by the government. And so it was that Blair left Lewis A. Clark Charter School for. Believe me…I already knew what the night had in store for him. I put on my favorite tight black satin mini dress, the one with the low neckline and my 5 inch heels that made my calves a sight to see. I love the feel of the cold night air as it flows up in between my legs when I don’t wear panties.I sit on the very edge of the bed with my legs slightly open, just enough so he can catch a glimpse of my lips through my skirt. I watch as my husband comes out dressed looking hot as always, I. “I wonder if I’m dreaming again,” she murmured, looking around the room whilst wondering if she should pinch herself, just in case she was. In fact, it seemed like such a good idea that she did just that.“Such a relief!” she declared after deciding that she was quite awake. “Now, what to do next. Take a look around, perhaps. I wonder if one of the doors leads to a closet full of pretty things to wear. In truth, I am quite tired of being naked. A hot bath would also be much welcomed, but I am. Cherie and Marissa knew that the house, ie. Simon and Sarah, somehow held Lynette, either her physical or spiritual being, hostage and continued to defile her, night after night.But after exhausting every avenue without the merest sign of the lovely mother and friend, the two had accepted the fact they would never see Lynette Dennison again. Cherie went on to finish high school while living with Marissa but, eventually, the memories too hurtful and frightening, they moved to another state, were.

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