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" Geez, I've never known anybody like that ... that were nudists. I guess that's why it's pretty private back here by the pool, huh?" Yes ... and, wel..., there's more," she said as her hand slid inside my trunks. "We're also somewhat different in other ways, too. My dad was raised on a farm that was pretty far out in the country and, well, they were pretty close as a family. A lot closer than most. They were nudists and, well, they took it a little further than some families might."I was getting. She picked up the brandy bottle, and refilled her father's drink."Mom's away tonight," she said, her hand stroking her father into instant tumescence."Yes, for a week," said Thompson throatily. Michelle was in the Bahamas for a bridge tournament.Anna tongued his ear, and whispered, "I'll join you tonight." Thompson kissed her, and then Anna excused herself. Thompson watched the girl depart the kitchen, enjoying the sway of her heavy breasts as she turned, and the musical movement of the twin. She lifter her tit up and sucked the hard nipple up into her mouth and really started rubbing harder and faster on her pussy. I was speeding up too and I knew I was not going to last long. Then Grammy opened her mouth and let out this long groan that I could just hear through the closed window. She slapped herself between the legs a couple of times real hard (hard enough I could hear it and then she grabbed herself real hard and started shuddering.That was all I saw, because I started cumming. Where Mistress Jane seemed to always findfault, Master Rick was more patient and forgiving. Even the adult storeexperience was done in an almost joking manner.Unknown to Linda, this was not Jane and Rick's first 'guest' and theywere recognizing the impacts of their good cop/bad cop routine on Linda.While that wasn't their intent, they were concerned about Linda's recentslips in behaviour. They spent some time discussing solutions whileLinda had her nightly post contemplation time.Linda's.

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