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It was in Sep 2010. We reached goa and checked in a 3 star hotel near bagha beach. First of we tooked a taxi and went to panji to buy some sexy clothe... for her. She was totally amazed by seeing foreigners everywhere in tiny cloths. She was wet under her panties by at them only. At last we reached in to a mall. We selected some short skirts, bikinis some transparent tops etc. But i noticed one foreignar guy 6 feet tall and handsome of around 20-22 years of age was conteniously stareing to. He knew he had littlechoice, continue wandering or try this route. After all, he could alwaysturn back if it doesn't lead anywhere. Thanking the old man, he rushesin. It was dark inside. But as soon as he was in, the door closed behind himand he saw a very long hallway light up for him. On both sides weredoors. The hallway looked like it went on forever. He started to run.Ten minutes of running later, he began to panic. The hallway did not seemto end. Neither did the doors. He decided. Gawd that feels good mom, you really know how to suck a dick. My girlfriend will never do this, he said. For a moment she took his dick out of her mouth and stroked him while she said, did you think Bear was the only one who knows how to suck dick well boy. Your momma has suck a few nice hard cocks in her day, and made them all cum. She immediately took him back in her mouth and continued to drive him crazy. Wait mom, you know about Bear and me, he asked. Yes I do son, it’s cool, now shut the. I saw how that fat little Quartermaster was sweating when I played with his cat, earlier," Gwyn told us with a smile. She and Glanda vanished right after that to see the Quartermaster."When do you want to erect the defensive shell?" Seamus asked after they were gone."I was thinking at about 8:00 PM. It will still be light enough to see then. I was also going to use the modified open top shell that our Dads used in France, since it doesn't look like rain tonight," I told him."Who did you want to.

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