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”“I want to hear the details.”“Eat my pussy and I’ll tell you what you want to hear.”Mike lays between his wife’s spread legs and begins...eating her enflamed cunt. He tastes his cum mingled with her pussy juices.Lynn begins her narration, "We relaxed after I fucked him on top. That’s when he told me about cuckolds. Talking about Chuck cuckolding you was getting me horny all over again. I held his cock and tongued his nipples and kissed down to his abdomen the way I did when the three of us were. Kimberly was content to ride herpartner in this fashion for uncountable minutes.She found herself sliding away, however, her body pulled along the surfaceof Janet's, her large breasts displacing themselves first on Janet's,then down her tight waist to the small roundness of her tummy, across herwiry pubis where, for a breathless instant Kimberly felt her nipple slideacross Janet's soaked crotch, and finally along the inside of her thighs.Then Kimberly rose and knelt between Janet's legs, which. They tied my hands behind me and hurried us both out to a waiting wagon, both shoeless. The girl was crying, spitting mad, dragging her bare feet and thrashing in the grip of two smiling cavalrymen who were not being very careful where they put their hands. They tossed us both into the back of a wagon with a bit of hay on its bed, tied my feet together and one of the greenclad soldiers climbed in with us and hogtied me, hands and feet looped together behind me. Since I was barefoot, Magda's. She loved the farm. Her life had evolved away from all things artificial over the past five years so getting out of the city was a major step in that direction.Her gardening skills were impressive as was apparent when she showed me what she lived on. She used her urine as a liquid fertilizer and composted food scraps and feces to improve the soil. It was explained how natural and not nasty it was if done properly.Meat or fish was a small part of her diet when it could be caught, never bought..

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