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That's what friends are for. It's almost Christmas, and I haven't bought anything for my new friends. Now I can find out all your sizes for the next t...me. Birthdays, anniversaries, and Saint Swithin's Day. THIS is what I worked so hard for, all these years. I still haven't gotten you a wedding gift, yet, either."They all got into the Suburban that Bob had driven. It was a used car, but it looked like a new one. "Mr Pollard said to drive the wheels off of it." he told them. "He don't want it on. After two years he switched to Louisiana State in Baton Rouge. He then entered the LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center.One of his grandfathers and his dad had both been lawyers, his grandfather later becoming a judge, his dad a state prosecutor. His mother’s grandfather and father had been politicians. His great-grandfather had been mayor of a small Louisiana delta town and then a state representative. His granddad was a two-time state senator.After passing the bar exam Allen considered going into. “Spying on us for crying out loud. Girls, let’s teach him not to perv on us again.”I was scared and ashamed that he was caught. He did not want this to get out to his parents or friends. He tried to talk his way out. “Arti, I am sorry. Please don’t tell anyone about this.” “Listen, Perv, do what we say and we will keep this quiet. Don’t do what we say and I will go straight to your parents and mine. Not to mention the entire school will hear about this.” I was scared to death now and was. The dragon recoiled in pain, quit hovering and circled around again. He may not have been expecting this much resistance. More hovering and flame breath by the dragon resulted in more arrows finding their way into his scaly body. Several of those were mine.The dragon moved around and landed with a thud near the entrance to the tower. I was on the ground and could feel the heat from his flaming breath as it swept up the steps into the tower. I had a clear shot and put more arrows into him..

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